Things You Need in Your Vehicle Emergency Kit


One of the essential things to have in your vehicle is a vehicle emergency kit. It is a must have and can save your life. If you take your security seriously, then you know this is a must. There are some things that you need to have in it and are very important. Here are some things you need in your vehicle emergency kit.


A torch is definitely important. It needs to be fully charged if it is the rechargeable type at all times and if not, batteries ought to be available separately as well. This is to be a source of light in case you are stuck with a non-moving car in the middle of the night and probably in the middle of nowhere. It can also be used as a way to flag for help at night if you are stuck. It is a requirement in some states for road users but even without it being so, it is very important to have it in your vehicle survival kit. See more on spark fire starter paracord bracelet.

The other very important thing needed is a first aid kit. You need to assemble one and keep it replenished at all times with supplies. If they do expire before use, change them and place some new ones. Whether the kit is used frequently or not. This can be very helpful in case of a crash or even a minor scratch here and there when in transit. It is a must have and most states require each car to have this as a requirement for a car to be on the road.


The other thing you will need in your vehicle emergency kit is a fire extinguisher. This is something else that the laws of every state insist road users to have on the road every time. If your car catches fire, you need to be in a position to stop it if possible and without endangering your life. If you can stop a fire successfully, your vehicle can be salvaged.  Read more on fake security camera with motion detector and led light.


  1. The other thing is a can of water. Many people tend to think water is not a necessity but this is not true. You require water in the survival kit. Apart from what you carry for drinking, you need to set aside water for the kit. It can come in handy if your carburetor goes up in smoke, or if you get stranded in a place for a long time before help gets to you. Water, as they say, is life. Read more here.